We all know how ineffective typical team builders usually are! Why not change all that with an escape that they will be talking about for days?

Our trained team of actors understand the importance of keeping everyone involved and ensure everyone is engaged and enjoying themselves while they have fun - and isn’t that the most important point? Whether we host an event at our location or you take advantage of one of our mobile events, we will work with you to create an escape they’ll actually remember!

Decades after the initial outbreak and your numbers are dwindling and the evil organization Pharmcorp holds the key to your survival... and the continuation of mankind. Someone has given up everything to help you.Will you make their sacrifice worth it? 

We've moved, but not far.

Program your GPS to 4400 Heatherdowns Blvd. Once you get to the Colonial Village Shopping Center, we are right next to the Barber shop on the Northwest corner of the plaza (down from Dollar General)

The CIA’s top agent has gone missing and you’ve been tasked with recapturing five stolen flash drives from his only known safe house to help find him. The only problem, assassins are killing agents and this safehouse is likely being surveilled. You have one hour of cover from local agents, after that, you’re, on your own and you likely will not survive! 

Can you rescue Agent Grimes in time?

Your old partner double crossed you in your last heist, now its time to get your revenge, and steal back what's yours. The prize is on his yacht and he's out of town! This is your chance, can you exact your revenge!

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Trapped Toledo is the only interactive theater specializing in Escape Rooms in Toledo - and the only location to feature three truly immersive escapes! Locked in a room with a group of friends and strangers, can you use your wits and your teams collective knowledge to escape? And we offer mobiles for your home or office!

2410 KEY STREET 43614