Need an special time? No problem - we’re very flexible in this regard and can usually accommodate any requested time. 
Trapped always has three escapes at our venue that change every few months, and the current experiences can be found on our website. Each has a different theme and each gets RAVE reviews from our corporate teams. 


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Mutated creatures are everywhere and your group of survivors need vital supplies. You've come upon a small town free from looters.

This could be the jackpot... if you can get in, get the supplies AND get out, without getting mutated.

We've moved, but not far.

Program your GPS to 4400 Heatherdowns Blvd. Once you get to the Colonial Village Shopping Center, we are right next to the Barber shop on the Northwest corner of the plaza (down from Dollar General)

We all know how terribly ineffective typical team-building activities can be. Why not change all that with a Trapped event that keeps your team talking for days? Whether we host an event at our location or you take advantage of one of our mobile events, we will work with you to plan an event they’ll remember.


The manager for alternative punk rock band Vitamin Decent has awakened from a night of partying in a trashed hotel room missing memories and the van keys.

Can your team get the band on the road for tonight's life-changing gig? 

We're the only escape room in Ohio to offer a mobile event. But, even better, we offer TWO different themes. Blown Away! and Sauced! are ONLY available as mobile packages. We bring all the props and locked boxes you'll need. We do all the set up, and our actors will be in attendance to make sure your team works together and moves toward their goal. 

Options at OUR location and YOURS!

​​Trapped Toledo is Northwest Ohio's only interactive theater specializing in escape games - and the only location to feature three truly immersive escapes. Locked in a room with a group of friends or strangers, Can you use your wits and your team's collective knowledge to escape?


Murders across Ohio are starting to show alarmingly similar methods of dispatch, causing some to believe that this is the work of one killer. The world's foremost expert on serial killers has invited you, and 9 other detectives to dinner to discuss the cases. Can you stop the killer before it's too late?

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NOTE - ALL SHOWS ARE 15 and OVER:  Under 18? download and get your parental waiver signed - here (and bring with you)

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