Trapped is a fun, new interactive experience. Locked in a small room with a group of friends and strangers, you must use your wits and the group's collective knowledge to find hidden clues, solve daunting puzzles and overcome challenges to escape before time runs out. ​Are you ready? 

Society is only days away from a full-blown Zombie Apocalypse, and you hold the key to survival. Luckily, you're locked in a room with the world's top parasitologist. Only problem? The good doctor is a zombie, and chained to a wall. Every five minutes, it gets another foot of chain and gets closer and closer. Can you solve the puzzles, get the vaccine and get out of the room before it takes a bite out of you? Check out the preview...

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A self-proclaimed super villain has trapped you in a tiny room with a briefcase bomb, threatening to blow you and most of the city to smithereens. You better get moving, you only have 60 minutes to open the briefcase, disarm the bomb and save the city. Are you up to the task?

​Check out the preview....

You must be over 15+ to participate.

Under 18, click here for parental waiver!

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